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Denver Peritoneovenous Shunt Performed Under Local Anaesthesia for Intractable Ascites Following Esophagogastrectomy

Abstract: We herein described a 70-year-old male patient with lower thoracic esophageal cancer (T1aN2M0, Stage II) and gastric cancer in the upper body (T1bN0M0, Stage IA), who underwent subtotal esophagectomy and proximal gastrectomy with reconstruction using colon interposition in January, 2011.

Cytomegalovirus Colitis Associated with Ileocolic Intussusception in a Child Status Post Heart Transplant

Abstract: A pediatric heart recipient presented with intermittent abdominal pain. Workup revealed intussusception with associated pneumatosis. A right hemicolectomy was performed. Pathologic examination revealed cytomegalovirus (CMV) colitis. This is the first case of CMV-colitis associated with

A 3D Reconstruction Model of the Female Pelvic Floor by Using Plastinated Cross Sections

Abstract: he structures of the pelvic floor are clinically important but difficult to assess. To facilitate the understanding of the complicated pelvic floor anatomy, a computer-aided 3D-model was created from a female pelvis by using sheet plastination. The aim of this project was to create a three-dimensional model of the female pelvis and pelvic contents. 

The Relationship between the Superior Gluteal Artery and Lumbosacral Plexus

Abstract:The internal iliac artery has been shown to branch with great variability. As the superior gluteal artery leaves the pelvic cavity through the greater sciatic foramen it travels around the roots of the lumbosacral plexus, often compressing underlying nerves. Knowledge of the variability with which the superior gluteal artery passes around the roots of

Recent Development of Radiolabeled Nanoparticles for PET Imaging

Abstract: Nanoparticles bearing unique properties have gained great interest in biomedical applications. PET imaging can provide functional and molecular information on the biological events, offering the abilities to improve disease detection, therapeutic monitoring, and treatment efficacy. Nanoparticles labeledwith a positron emitter can be used for

Deep Neck Inflammatory Diseases: Implication of Cervical Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Early Diagnosis

Abstract: Deep neck inflammatory disorders such as retropharyngeal abscess and pyogenic cervical spondylitis are potentially life-threatening disorders and are quite rare in healthy individuals. With abnormal findings on emergency cervical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), we succeeded in making prompt diagnoses and initiate appropriate treatments

Renal Infarction Secondary to Renal Artery Ectasia

Abstract: We describe a case of renal infarction secondary to renal artery ectasia. A 45 year old male presented to emergency department with sudden onset of left flank pain for one day. Physical examination was significant for tenderness in left upper quadrant and left costovertebral angle with no guarding. Laboratory tests revealed leukocytosis, creatinine 1.4mg/dl, high LDH,

Ovarian Rhabdomyosarcoma Arising from Mature Cystic Teratoma

Abstract: Malignant transformation of mature cystic teratoma is very unusual and has difficult diagnosis and poor outcome. We present the case of a young woman diagnosed with a benign teratoma measuring 15 cm, and a laparotomic adnexectomy was performed. Following diagnosis of rhabdomiosarcoma in mature cystic teratoma, she underwent complete cytoreductive surgery. 

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Dual Gallbladders with Dual Cholecystitis

By Parikh SP |

Austin Journal of Surgery

Abstract: Dual gallbladders, or gallbladder duplication are an uncommon entity encountered by surgeons. When problems arise, such as cholecystitis, these anomalies are uncovered during an operation. Often the problem is unknown until it is uncovered intra-operatively due to lack of pre-operative suspicion.